Louise Dunn, Nexus Arts Inc

Nexus Arts CEO, Louise Dunn, has agreed to work with us on the Creating Together steering group.

Louise Dunn, image courtesy of CityMag 2015, photo by Andrè Castellucci

Louise Dunn, image courtesy of CityMag 2015, photo by Andrè Castellucci


Nexus Arts began as an artists’ collective, the Multicultural Arts Workers Committee, which brought together culturally diverse artists during the early days of Australia’s shift from a White Australia to a multicultural policy of immigration. The collective played a significant social and cultural role at the time by nurturing the Adelaide public’s appreciation of culturally diverse arts and artists, while also assisting culturally diverse artists to settle in Australia.

In 1984 the Multicultural Arts Workers Committee was transformed into Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre in order to expand its ability to produce and showcase multicultural arts for South Australian audiences while connecting diverse communities and bringing them into the mainstream. In 2015 Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre became Nexus Arts in order to simplify the relationship between different Nexus programs and presentation spaces.

Over the last 30 years Nexus Arts has worked consistently to create performance and presentation opportunities, develop programs, and to advocate for inclusion of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) artists and communities within mainstream arts. Nexus’ programs have challenged and questioned cultural stereotypes and have generated critical debate within both contemporary arts and community contexts.

Nexus’ activities cover five major program areas:

  • Visual arts: exhibitions, artist talks, residencies, and publications.
  • Performing arts: music and workshops.
  • Special projects: community forums, research programs,  residencies, and collaborative projects.
  • Member & community services: professional consultation, support and development services to individual members and community groups.
  • Community cultural development: is inherent and integrated into the creation, implementation and presentation of projects within all of the above areas.

Nexus is committed to fostering contemporary culturally diverse artistic excellence and innovation through our diverse programs and presentation opportunities. Nexus strives to be a national leader in culturally diverse arts presentation.