Disrupt - what are your choices?

Stuckness - what gets in my way?
Where am I stuck?
What am I afraid of?
What would it feel like if this was easy?
What does this remind me of? What is new?
How is my liberation bound of with yours - and yours with mine?

Assumptions - what am I bringing?
What assumptions are hidden in my beliefs?
What am I projecting/ superimposing?
What informs me? What are the agendas?
What supports and contradicts this?
What can't I afford to think or say?
What are my potential thinking errors?

Review - who benefits?
How are decision being made? If it is in the groups best interest, how are they involved in the decision making?
What if the opposite happens? What humour can I find in this situation?
Will it hold up to scrutiny? What are measurable benefits, exchange, negotiation, equity, sustainability?
Why work with others? What will change? What privilege?