Workshops and Games


How can we use art to co-create meaning in a ‘post-truth’ culture of fear and share our vision and values for a just society?

We have designed a set of sessions to explore privilege and power, which we tailor with our partners. We have also included a selection of starter games that use our cards.

Collaborate with us - Contact us if you want to work with us, and check out the site for DIY resources and game/ workshop templates below you can tailor for your own use.

Exchanges: Ongoing artistic dialogues to start a collaboration and work remotely with each other.

Critical Futuring labs: Where are we and where do we want to go? - We use innovative games and role-play to explore how to disrupt and reframe power dynamics and privilege, train assertiveness and rapid-prototype quality art works that reflect on reciprocity and solidarity.

Stuck: What challenges is your organization facing now? Design 1-2 day sessions to explore your organisational dynamics and creatively disrupt and reframe your values, visions and actions.

Critical play - Using games, digital media, live and visual art, we explore playful responses to ingrained oppressive tactics, to train and challenge ourselves, our participants, community partners and support agencies, to create better, more equitable, inclusive and accessible work and partnerships.

Tailored resources - Co-create tailored capacity building tools and new game play scenarios.

Create and exhibit: Join the artistic dialogue - Using the cards, games and the futuring labs we co-create artistic responses to power and privilege, for exhibition and sharing.