CREDITS for the What Privilege? game 2016-2017

Artistic Director - Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Creative Producer - Carl Kuddell

Carl Kuddell
Jennifer Lyons-Reid

Image Creation + Graphic Design
Jennifer Lyons-Reid

Web Design - Jennifer Lyons-Reid, Carl Kuddell

This project has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council for the Arts, its arts funding and advisory body, and by the South Australian Government through Arts SA.

Thanks to our co-conspirators for feedback on the cards

Maria Filippow
Francesca Da Rimini
Wallace McKittrick
Cathy Olsson
Robyn Downing

And thanks to our colleagues who played with us at ArtsFront 2030 in Melbourne, during the exploration sessions at Arts Access Victoria and at our studio on the Fleurieu Peninsula.


CREDITS for the Typology of Harm cards 2013-2014

Spectres of Evaluation Installations 2014
Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Carl Kuddell

Thanks for the great discussions about harm in CACD in 2013
Dr. Lachlan MacDowall
Head, Centre for Cultural Partnerships, VCA
Dr. Marnie Badham
Research Fellow, CCP VCA

Thanks for feedback and input into the first series of cards

Ammon Beyerle and Michelle Emma James

Initial cartoon design and artworks 2014
Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Jesse Miles

Initial web design and animations 2014
Felix Weber

Workshop team at Spectres of Evaluation

Jennifer Lyons-Reid
Carl Kuddell

Ammon Beyerle
Michelle Emma James


Additional research partners 2014

Dr. Danielle Wyatt, RMIT, School of Global Studies

Rimi Khan, University of Melbourne, School for Culture and Communication

Prof Peter Wright, Ass. Dean, Arts Education and Research Methods, School of Education, Murdoch University, Perth

Jennifer Penton, PHD candidate and CACD theatre practitioner, Griffith University, Brisbane

Helen Kelly, Artistic Director, RAV Small Town Transformations, Dookie

Margaret Sexton, Chief Operating Officer, Ngarrindjeri Regional Authority