_this breath is not mine to keep - 2020

In development for 2020:

_this breath is not mine to keep is a provocative CACD multi-art experiment linking climate crisis, delusions of supremacy and the existential joy of life. 

We are witnessing the extinction of our world, yet we continue to fuel our demise. What is the sound of annihilation, how do we enshrine memories, dissolve our delusions, what gift can sorrow bring? Collectively how can we reframe our addiction to a 5-planet culture?

During 50 workshops, co-led by 26 paid artists and 100 participants from Ngarrindjeri, AAV, migrant and regional communities, we create evocative sculptures, performances, bio-art, poetry, soundscapes and digital projections, to explore 10 stages of grief. Audiences choose their own journey on an arts trail linking 4 regional SA exhibitions and symposium at Nexus, Adelaide and online.

Visit https://thisbreath.space  to get involved.