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This is the space where we publish the artistic outcomes, mindbombs, art campaigns and thought pieces that explore power and privilege, arising from our Creating Together community collaborations.

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What Privilege? Cards

Get your own pack of the 50 cards & 6 jokers, at cost - Order here

Please indicate what pricing applies to your order. Cards are ready to ship mid April 2018.

Pricing [all prices ex GST and shipping]:
Individual package: $50 [1x deck of cards, personal use, e-copy of reader]

Organisational package: $100 [2x decks of cards, professional use, e-copy of reader]

Organisations / multi-user package: $200 [includes 5 decks, professional use,  e-copy of reader]

Social package: $30 [self-assesed, for people on low income, 1x deck, personal use, access reader online]

Coming soon:

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